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St Johns History Fair Winners

Pizza and brownies helped fuel the victory of four Nease High School freshmen in the St. John’s District History Fair in late February. The sons of immigrant parents -- Marc Moreira, Paxton Threatt, Julian Sanchez and Theodore Cheng -- now have their sights set on the State History Fair, which is held May 3, 4 and 5. “We just put so much effort into this,” said Moreira, “that at one point all of us realized that if we don’t go further … we are all going to be disappointed.”

La Casa Boricua

El arte y la cultura llegan al Jacksonville Landing a partir del 24 de abril. La Cámara de Comercio Hispana de Puerto Rico estará abriendo las puertas de su centro cultural La Casa Boricua en el ala oeste del Landing. Nancy Quiñones, presidente de la PRHCOC y fundadora de La Casa Boricua dijo que es un sueño hecho realidad. "Tuve un sueño desde hace mucho tiempo de servir a nuestra comunidad con un centro cultural al que pudieran venir y disfrutar, ya sabes, nuestra cultura y un poco de diversión", dijo Quiñones sobre La Casa Boricua.

La Casa Boricua

A new attraction will be coming to The Jacksonville Landing on April 24th. The Puerto Rican Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is opening a Hispanic cultural center called La Casa Boricua in the West wing of the Landing. Nancy Quinones, President of the PRHCOC and founder of La Casa Boricua said it is a dream come true. “I had this dream for a long time to serve our community with a center that they can come in and enjoy, you know, our culture and have fun in some kind of way,” said Quinones about La Casa Boricua.

One Spark Ignites Enthusiasm in Downtown Jacksonville

Once again, Downtown Jacksonville opens its streets to project developers and visitors alike for One Spark’s third consecutive year. Known as the World’s Crowdfunding Festival, One Spark is a six-day event in which artists, musicians and other innovators have the opportunity to showcase their creative projects and attendees vote for the projects they enjoy the most to award over $300,000 in crowdfunded prize money.

One Spark enciende el entusiasmo en el centro de la ciudad de Jacksonville

Una vez más, el centro de la ciudad de Jacksonville le abre sus calles por tercer año consecutivo a One Spark para que creadores de proyectos y visitantes se conecten. Mejor conocido como el festival mundial de financiamiento de multitudes, One Spark es un evento que dura seis días, en donde artistas, músicos y otros innovadores reciben la oportunidad de mostrar sus proyectos creativos y los asistentes pueden votar por los proyectos que más les interesan para conceder más de $300.000 dólares en premios.

¿Quién es quién? Maribel Hernández

Esta columna, “¿Quién es quién?”, busca resaltar y divulgar la labor de los latinos residentes en el Norte de Florida, destacados en actividades útiles a nuestra sociedad. En la presente edición, queremos destacar a Maribel Hernández, una incomparable mujer de Jacksonville. Eco Latino: Maribel, háblenos un poco de su vida en New York.

The Thrasher-Horne Center presents Tango Buenos Aires

Orange Park, Florida – The Thrasher-Horne Center presents Tango Buenos Aires: The Song of Eva Peròn on Friday, March 27 at 7:30 PM. Tango Buenos Aires has become one of Argentina’s great cultural exports, known throughout the Americas, Europe and the Far East as the most authentic and uncompromising representative of the Tango. “The Song of Eva Peròn” pays homage to the life of one of Argentine’s famous first ladies through song and interpretive tango dances.

Healthy Families, Healthy Communities

Join us for a look at mental health and the Hispanic/Latino(a) community Contribute to an open discussion of mental wellness for all ages, from managing stress in college to depression and suicide prevention. Top 5 Strategies for Mental Wellness will be facilitated by speaker Maritza Gallardo-Cooper, PhD, mental health practitioner Saturday, March 28, 2015 11 a.m.–4 p.m. Florida State College at Jacksonville Deerwood Center 9911 Old Baymeadows Road Jacksonville, FL 32256 Free event. Lunch will be served. Preregistration is required for lunch:

Youngest Latina to own law firm in Northeast Florida to be honored at State Capitol

Belkis Plata’s law office is on the 25th floor of the Bank of America tower, peering over a picturesque St. Johns River and all of downtown Jacksonville. The trial attorney just opened the law firm with legal partner Shannon Schott last fall. And at 29, she is the youngest Latina in Northeast Florida to do so. “A lot of times, I find myself doing work and I stare out the window and I’m like, ‘Is this really my life?’ ” she said, sitting at her desk.

¿Quién es quién?

Esta columna busca resaltar la labor de los latinos residentes en el Norte de Florida, destacados en actividades útiles a nuestra sociedad. En esta edición, Eco Latino, quiere destacar a Ramón Ledón, un inspirado poeta residente en Jacksonville, quien antes de dedicarse a la poesía fue un famoso deportista, ganador de varios campeonatos internacionales de boxeo. Su libro de poemas, “Con un poco de amor”, ha sido premiado en varios certámenes. ¿Cuándo y cómo emigró a los Estados Unidos?