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Microsoft CEO launches diversity training effort

SAN FRANCISCO — Still working to repair damage caused by his gaffe about women seeking pay raises, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has again apologized to employees and announced in a company-wide memo that all workers will receive expanded training on how to foster an inclusive culture.

Microsoft lanza campaña de diversidad

SAN FRANCISCO, California — Incluso tratando de reparar el daño causado por sus comentarios sobre mujeres pidiendo aumentos salariales, el director ejecutivo de Microsoft Satya Nadella se disculpó de nuevo con sus empleados y anunció en un memorándum a la compañía que todos los trabajadores recibirán entrenamiento de cómo fomentar una cultura inclusiva.

CDC says it missed opportunities to contain Ebola

FORT WORTH, Texas — In the days after the first diagnosis of Ebola in the U.S., the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was resolute in his confidence about hospitals' ability to manage the virus. "Essentially any hospital in the country can take care of Ebola. You don't need a special hospital room to do it," Dr. Tom Frieden said Oct. 2. "You do need a private room with a private bathroom. And most importantly, you need rigorous, meticulous training and materials to make sure that care is done safely so that caregivers aren't at risk."

EEUU perdió ocasión para contener el ébola

FORT WORTH, Texas, EE.UU. — En los días posteriores al primer diagnóstico de ébola en Estados Unidos, el director de los Centros para el Control y Prevención de Enfermedades (CDC por sus siglas en inglés) estaba totalmente convencido de la capacidad del hospital para gestionar el virus.

Vivimos en el antropoceno, la edad de los humanos

WASHINGTON — La gente ha cambiado tanto la Tierra, calentándola y contaminándola, que muchos científicos están empleando un nuevo término para referirse a la era geológica en la que vivimos: el antropoceno, la edad de los humanos.

Mexico celebrates its charro horse tradition

MEXICO CITY — Since their arrival aboard Spanish ships in the 1500s, horses have been part of the story of the New World. In Mexico, there is perhaps no better representative of the country's combined cultures and history than the horse trained for "charreria," the Mexican version of a rodeo. Horses competing in this embellished display of skills once necessary to ranch life, must be agile, well-tempered and intelligent — able to execute the commands of their charros, the horsemen whose traditional riding suits and wide-brimmed sombreros are part of the cultural iconography.

Provocative Argentine exhibit of Barbies is pulled

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — Barbie has long been an icon, just not a holy one. A provocative art exhibit featuring Barbie fashion dolls as religious figures such as the Virgin Mary and her boyfriend Ken as a crucified Jesus Christ has been cancelled amid complaints and threats by angry believers, the artists behind the collection said Friday.

The new family portrait? 3D-printed statue selfies

NEW YORK — Walk into Eddie DaRoza's office and you'll find two of him there: the actual 32-year-old video producer, and a 5-inch statuette of him. "There are a lot of double takes. It's like a little action figure of myself," the Los Angeles native said.

Adiós a las selfies, estatuillas en 3D son la moda

NUEVA YORK — Al parecer la moda de las selfies o imágenes digitales de uno mismo podría verse desplazada por las estatuas en tercera dimensión. Por ejemplo, Eddie DaRoza tiene en su oficina una estatuilla de sí mismo en 3D que mide 12,5 centímetros (5 pulgadas). "Hay muchos dobles por ahí. Es como una pequeña representación mía", dijo el productor de video de 32 años, residente de Los Ángeles.

Woman with womb transplant hopes to inspire others

The parents of the first baby born from a transplanted womb hope they can be an inspiration to others struggling with infertility — but that's not why they did it. After what they describe as a roller-coaster of a journey, the Swedish couple finally became parents last month, when the mother gave birth to a premature but healthy boy. For the couple, who spoke only on condition of anonymity because they don't want their child to become a target of publicity, making history was an afterthought.